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From all of us to all of you, may your local shopping be fruitful and splendid and your Holidays be blessed and safe. <3 Michelle Hazard

Hello my friends, family, and co-workers.

It’s been an exciting year here at Network Traverse City!

I opened this meager and bare bones web site, found a great new tool in .
You can follow the Page here: Traverse City Businesses
I’d also suggest you add it for your business as well so I can follow you.

I also use Pinterest for business here:
Network Traverse City

As I use Twitter, and Pinterest I go to your web pages and I check to see if your social media tabs are working and or present. If I find something wrong, like a dead link or an errant link from take over programs like I found the other day. (It was a Twitter program that replaced the link for direction to their page from Twitter. Be careful when you add Twitter apps some of them are spammy and mis-direct your data.) Or can’t find your Facebook I may call and help you connect them.

People are really amazed I do all this for free, and some are skeptical since life has taught us all to be that way. I am part of the 1% of this nation who is rich.
I am rich in blessings and Thankful for Social Security and all of you for paying me through it. So technically your skepticism is correct I am not doing this for free but for blessings. Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,
Michelle Hazard
You can find me at Network Traverse City Help Desk

or email me at

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