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You know Facebook keeps playing with the algorithms on Facebook demanding that we all pay for advertising.. when we were all trying to be all small town local, and social. I can’t afford to pay the for promoting local social networking. So I keep trying to figure out how to help you.. I have been using interest lists for pages for a while it was the only way I could see more than the same 5 pages.. I have followed over 2500 pages with the Networking pages I follow. I started adding content adders last week and I added Sandra Lee to Network Petoskey.. she says “Oh I already follow a list of businesses in Petoskey it will be easy for me to add local pages..” **slap myself in the head and sign me up.. Thats IT!! I can see ten times more posts with the lists.. I just look at what interests me for the day! Need to get my hair cut? I can look at the list for specials and sales..
Need to buy a house?? I can look at the realtors list!!
Need insurance
a Cup of coffee?
A Glass of Wine? The whole bottle ? A tour? Oh man the lists are endless and adaptable.. and cross-posted :) please check them out let me know what you think about them. Will they work for you? for your customers? Will you create your own?
Interest Lists Please let me know if you are not listed or listed incorrectly.
Network Traverse City
Traverse City Consignment and Resale
Traverse City MI Attractions
Traverse City Animal/Pets
Traverse City Automotive
Traverse City Construction
Traverse City Festivals
Traverse City Food
Traverse City Hair Salons
Traverse City Health/Fitness
Traverse City Home Made
Traverse City Insurance
Traverse City Magazines
Traverse City Music
Traverse City Photography/related
Traverse City Products
Traverse City Realtors
Traverse City Services
Traverse City Shopping/Retail
Traverse City Sports
Traverse City Therapy and/or Spa
Traverse City Wineries/Brewery’s
This post will be edited as needed with additions and or deletions.
Please contact me at Network Traverse City Help Desk

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