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Michelle Hazard


You’ve got one now” (link to YouTube reference video)

Baseball has always been a great sport for me to relate to, my coach used to drill us with “It’s always easier to run in, than it is out”. It was the most profound and actual life truism I have ever heard. Though standing out in right field picking blades of grass waiting for anyone, to be able to hit the ball to us it felt a little ridiculous. When we won and went to the State championship it suddenly became clear, some people know how to place the ball! Some people could switch hit, batting both right and left-handed with the same precision. So being ready, made a lot more sense.


I have carried that life lesson into this social media exercise called Network Traverse City. I am way out here in right field, catching the well placed opportunities, and playing them to their best qualities. Facebook is a great platform to start out with. There, I share local pages as I find them and add them to the network, at the same time I pin them on Pinterest which Tweets the pin. I add them to an interest list once for the town they live in, and for the category of the page lists.


While I am doing the pinning I also check your websites links to other social media. If I find errors I call to let you know. I follow all your social media platforms in the hopes that I will see your business again in one of my feeds. Though their (FB) incessant changes to the platform and their promise that Facebook would always be free… well we all know how that turned out.


I also have photo albums you can add your business card to with links to your website and anything you would like to say. (email NetworkTraverseCity at Gmail DOT com .


Twitter, well it’s a noisy place but NetworkTCmi has a good delivery system and has a steady follow stream. Everything I post to Facebook Auto posts to Twitter. every once in a while it’s a conversation starter. We use the hashtag #tcmi or #nwmi but you can get an instant re-tweet by using our call sign. I get an email for each message, and re-tweet and favorite and can respond or go back and re-tweet later.


In the back of someones head when I am helping them is “where’s the catch”… I know she is going to say there is a small charge… It really blows people’s minds that I really help for nothing. I also refer people I can’t help to people who can.


What blows my mind is that there are people who are actually rude.. the ones who hang up on me when I call to tell them their website is down. Or they might want to include a referring link to their YouTube description so someone can actually find the listing. I’ve even had people tell me that I was not credible because I don’t get paid.  Let me assure you I do get paid or have been paid in the past.  You see I was a single mom and I had to apply for assistance on several occasions, due to the all or nothing welfare system,  I had to lose everything in order to get help, then work like crazy to get off assistance.  I did that 9 times in 18 years.  Now I’m disabled and am paid in SSI and this is how I chose to pay it back.  So now that that’s out-of-the-way let’s get back to the outfield.


The team is in place, the pitcher is ready now we just need you to share your business, your interests, or find out about your vacation destination. By simply connecting with our team. Tweet with @NetworkTCmi as part of your 140 characters I will re-tweet it.


Pin on Pinterest! If you are a local business/government/attraction ask to be a contributor on our boards :The Best Pinterest Boards of Northern Michigan!! all community driven and sponsored free.


Don’t know how to work Pinterest? or Twitter call me I can walk you through it. We also have the Network on LinkedIn since they won’t recognize that we don’t live in Saginaw.. Post your jobs, your sales, your job searches we are there. We are working on a video section for the website, there is quite a bit of talent in the area and you might consider a quick video for your YouTube, I can send you to talented individuals to make one. On our Home Page you can see a local selection of videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get our suggestions based on what you search for thanks to Google :) Follow us on Google Plus. I’m ready in the outfield. Michelle


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