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Dear   and Chipotle,

The   “Food for Thought”  brand and trademark is already  in use for an awesome local company here in Northern Michigan.  If you continue to try to squash the small town enterprise, the very name may come back and bite you in the collective food for thought.  Think about it! Don't steal the name.

Chipotle you tout “Food with Integrity” as your slogan  how about treating Food For Thought to the Integrity they deserve find a new name for your blog.

Sincerely, Michelle Hazard

Dear ,

Local organic food growers and small business “Food For Thought” is being threatened by much larger corporations and backers through Huffington Post and Chipotle Mexican Grille. Please share, Please write, please support local business.

Food for thought organic and green conscious.

Food For Thought has always been housed in green structures and based on our organic farm.

Why Organic? Food for Thought

Why Organic? click image to read more.

Why Fair Trade?

It is a simple and needed concept. If fairness works internationally, why not use that model domestically? And why not improve on it? After all, how could a consumer, that does not know me or Food For Thought personally, know the difference between a global/industrial jar of fruit preserves and a Food For Thought product? At Food For Thought I purchase most of our fruits with a handshake over a dining room table and find myself in a good position to assure that all people involved are treated fairly. With global/industrial food, do they care on that level? Experience would say not, but a Domestic Fair Trade standard would allow those that qualify to step up to the plate and get credit for their efforts on behalf of humankind and the planet.
This is a new frontier and I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Timothy Fitzgerald Young

Green Cuisine Brought to you by Food for Thought of Northern Michigan

Green Cuisine Brought to you by Food for Thought of Northern Michigan click image to learn more.

Food For Thought Chef/Owner

Timothy Fitzgerald Young is founder, President and Chef of Food For Thought, Inc., creators of organic and wild-harvested gourmet specialty foods.

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